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Ping Identity

When SSO is configured into your account, the login page is replaced with a Login with sso button.

Setting Up Ping Identity In Your Account

  1. Log in to Ping Identity's admin dashboard. Click on Add Application and select Search Application Catalog.

  2. Type TestFairy into the search box and select the application. Click on the "expand" arrow.

  3. Click on Setup. There is no need to change the configuration.

  4. Click on Continue to Next Step.

  5. Type in the ACS URL and Entity ID. For ACS URL, use the following format, and replace 'acme' with your subdomain.

For Entity ID, use the same format,, and again, replace acme with your subdomain.

  1. Click Continue to Next Step.

  2. Click Save & Publish, and then click on Finish.

  3. Download SAML Metadata.

  4. Login to TestFairy, and select Preferences.

  5. Copy the contents of the file you just downloaded, and paste it into the textbox. Click on Update SAML ID Provider Metadata.