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The INSIGHTS tab displays information about recorded crashes and sessions.

Preset Filters

The Preset Segments column contains three preset filters:

  • Crashes: All crashes in the last month
  • Slow Session: All slow sessions in the last month
  • Received Feedback: All sessions with feedback in the last month

General Filters

To filter the list using the following filters:


You can see all apps in your account or filter only one of them:

filter by app name

You can see all versions of the app you just filtered or a specific version.

filter by version

You can also filter the timeframe of the list you want.

filter by timeframe

Attribute Filters

In addition to general filters, you can also filter by session attributes.

filter by session attribute

The default attributes are the primary attribute types (User, Session, Location, Device, etc.).

Custom Attributes Filters

If you add custom attributes to your app's session, you see them here and be able to filter according to their values:

filter by custom attribute

This potent tool can help you identify specific sessions and filter them out of the many sessions in your app.


When you define values for this field, do not use characters other than text or numbers (a-z A-Z 0-9), such as /, ", or -, as they are not searchable in this field. If you do use these characters, you can search only for the parts of the text without them (for example, in {attr1="dada-1270"} the - is not searchable, so you can only search for dada or 1270.

After you select an attribute, you can add a logical expression and enter a value in the text field.

logica expression

You can see the result in the table.

You can add another attribute filter using a plus sign or save a filter by clicking the Save Segment. After entering the name, you can see the segment in the Custom Segments list.

save segment