Mobile App Testing with Espresso and XCUITest

Espresso for VDC Now Available on saucectl

Espresso testing for virtual devices is now supported on saucectl, our CLI tool used with Testrunner Toolkit:

Sauce Runner for Virtual Devices and Sauce Runner for Real Devices enable you to leverage mobile app tests written in Espresso (Android test framework) and XCUITest (iOS test framework) and run them on Sauce Labs devices. Select the relevant use case for your mobile app testing:

Virtual Device Testing (Espresso only)#

NOTE: Espresso testing support on Sauce Labs virtual devices has been replaced by saucectl. See Using Testrunner Toolkit.

Real Device Testing with Espresso and XCUITest#

NOTE: Espresso and XCUITest testing support on Sauce Labs real devices will soon be moving to saucectl.

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