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Gestures support on Real Devices

Building a great user experience is more than just design. Equally important is creating intuitive user interactions and touch gestures. For more information, see:

What You'll Need

What gestures are supported on Real Devices?

On iOS we are supporting the following gestures:

  • Pinch to Zoom: Exclusive to iOS, activate using your trackpad or holding the ALT(Windows)/Option(MacOS) key during a Live Testing session.
  • Two-Finger Scroll: Captures both rapid and gradual scrolling actions.
  • Mouse/Trackpad Journey: Replicates intricate touch actions such as:
  • Taps and Clicks: Standard input actions are supported.

On Android we are supporting the following gestures:

  • Two-Finger Scroll: Handles both fast and slow scrolling movements.
  • Mouse/Trackpad Journey: Emulates complex touch interactions like:
    • Drag and Drop
    • Sliders
    • Complex screen drawings
  • Taps and Clicks: Basic input gestures are supported.
  • Zoom in Google Maps or Maps SDK: For apps with Maps SDK integrated or tests involving Google Maps, zooming is possible through specific gestures:
    • Double-tap and hold, then drag to zoom in or out. More here.