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Audio Capture

Real Devices Only

Audio Capture is a functionality that gives you the ability to record the audio stream generated by your native mobile app (Android or iOS/iPadOS) during a live or automated real device test.

With this feature, the audio is recorded on our side and merged with the video recording, which you can access in your Test Results.

What You'll Need

Using Audio Capture on Real Devices

To enable Audio Capture in your tests:

  1. On Sauce Labs, click Live > Mobile App.
  2. Upload your mobile app to Sauce Labs through the UI or CLI.
  3. After you’ve uploaded your app, return to the Live > Mobile App page, hover your mouse over your app, and then select Settings.
    Mobile app settings navigation
  4. Under Default Settings, toggle Instrumentation and App/OS Audio to enable the feature.
    Mobile app settings navigation
  5. For Automated Testing only: add the audioCapture capability to your test script. Click the link below that corresponds to your framework:

Now you can start your live or automated testing session. Your audio recording will be captured and be part of the video recording on the Test Results page.

Streaming Audio during a Live Session (coming soon)

Using Audio Capture on Android

You will be able to capture audio on Android 10 and above.


Once audioCapture is enabled, the status bar will display the recording icon.

We use native Android audio capture for seamless audio capture for our real devices experience. Your test results and sessions are secured, and can only be viewed by you.


If your apps's manifest.xml file defines android:allowAudioPlaybackCapture="false", you need to enable instrumentation to have Audio Capture work for your apps.

Mobile app settings navigation

Using Audio Capture on iOS/iPadOS

You will be able to capture audio from iOS 10+ up to iOS 15.3.


The status bar clock will display a static 9:41 time during the recording of live testing session. This is a visual limitation for audio capture, and the system clock will not be affected.

Accessing the Audio in Your Test Tesults

The audio recording will be included in the video recording, which you can play back and download from the built-in media player on the Test Results page.

You can also download the video file with the included audio stream programmatically using the following API request:

curl --compressed \ -O https://{SAUCE_USERNAME}:{SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY}@{DATA_CENTER}{JOB_ID}/video.mp4


Not Supported
  • Real time audio capture is not yet supported.
  • Accessibility and TalkBack on Android are not supported.
  • Emulators and simulators are not supported.
  • Website testing is not yet available.

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