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Audio Capture

Real Devices Only

Audio Capture is a functionality that gives you the ability to record the audio stream generated by your native mobile app (Android or iOS/iPadOS) during a live or automated real device test.

What You'll Need

Using Audio Capture for Automated Tests on Real Devices

To enable Audio Capture in your automated tests, you need to use the following capabilities:

Click the link below that corresponds to your framework:

Now you can start your automated testing session. Your audio recording will be captured and be part of the video recording on the Test Results page.

Using Audio Streaming during a Live Testing session on Real Devices

Real Devices Only

You just need to launch a Live Testing session on a real device, and the audio will be streamed automatically without any configuration.

The Audio Streaming feature ensures a better digital experience by validating audio playback and testing user flows that require audio testing in the early stages of the development lifecycle.

With the Audio Streaming feature, you are able to hear the sound your application is making during a Live Testing session. It allows you to validate audio streams, notification sounds, and animations.


You will be able to mute and unmute the sound during your session by clicking on the mute/unmute button on the toolbar:

Mobile app settings navigation

Streaming Limitations

  • TalkBack Audio is ONLY supported on Private devices, reach out to our Support Team or your Sauce Labs representative to get this configured.
  • Audio Streaming is supported on iOS/iPadOS 13.2 and above.
  • Audio Streaming is supported on Android 10 and above.
  • When Audio Streaming is enabled, we are not attaching the audio to the test results after the session ends.
  • Website testing is not yet available on Android.

Using Audio Capture and Streaming on your Android Device

You will have the capability to capture audio on Android 10 and later versions. On private devices, you can test TalkBack on Android 12 and later versions.


Once audioCapture is enabled, the status bar will display the recording icon.

We use native Android audio capture for seamless audio capture for our real devices experience. Your test results and sessions are secured, and can only be viewed by you.


If your apps's manifest.xml file defines android:allowAudioPlaybackCapture="false", you need to enable instrumentation to have Audio Capture work for your apps.

Mobile app settings navigation

Enabling TalkBack/VoiceOver on your Devices

To utilize TalkBack/VoiceOver on your Android/iOS devices, make sure you have access to supported devices, We support Android 10 and above, and iOS 13 and above. We are automatically enabling these Accessibility tools for you with a single click without going to the OS setting!

Follow these steps:

  1. Open a Live Testing Session: Start any Live Testing session, whether it's a Cross Browser or Native Application test.

  2. Open the Device Settings from the left side toolbar.

  3. Select and toggle Talkback or VoiceOver

  4. Skip with OK or Cancel the native Talkback/VoiceOver guide.

  5. On Android you can use the Arrow keys (Up-Down-Left-Right) to navigate through the elements, and by hitting the ENTER key, you are able to activate a specific element.

For further information, you can refer to the official documentation on TalkBack, VoiceOver.

Sauce Labs TalkBack Sauce Labs Voiceover

Using Audio Capture on iOS/iPadOS

You will be able to capture audio from iOS 10 and above. Additionally, you can validate the sounds produced by your application, enable VoiceOver, and verify its output.

Accessing the Audio in Your Test Tesults for Automated Test

The audio recording will be included in the video recording for automated tests, which you can play back and download from the built-in media player on the Test Results page.

You can also download the video file with the included audio stream programmatically using the following API request:

curl --compressed \ -O https://{SAUCE_USERNAME}:{SAUCE_ACCESS_KEY}@{DATA_CENTER}{JOB_ID}/video.mp4


  • iOS Audio capture for automated test results is supported on iOS/iPadOS 10.1 and above.
  • Android Audio capture for test results is supported on Android 10 and above.
  • When Audio streaming is enabled, we are not attaching the audio to the test results after the session ends.
  • Accessibility and TalkBack on Android are not supported.
  • Emulators and simulators are not supported.
  • Website testing is not yet available on Android.

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