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Playwright can also connect to Sauce Labs remotely via its Selenium Grid support to launch the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Playwright connects to the browser using the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP). Selenium 4 currently exposes this capability.


This feature is highly experimental, both from a Playwright's perspective, as well as Sauce Labs. This integration may stop working at any time without due notice.

Connect Playwright to Sauce Labs

To let Playwright connect remotely to Sauce Labs, you need to set two environment variables: SELENIUM_REMOTE_URL and SELENIUM_REMOTE_CAPABILITIES.

SELENIUM_REMOTE_CAPABILITIES='{"platformName":"Windows 11","browserName":"chrome","sauce:options":{"devTools":true,"username":"your_user","accessKey":"your_access_key"}}' \
npx playwright test --headed --project "your-chromium-project"

--headed must be specified for our platform to capture a video.


--project must be specified to match the browser you are targeting in the SELENIUM_REMOTE_CAPABILITIES environment variable.


The remote session has no knowledge of the tests you are running. Since the browser is mainly communicating with Playwright via CDP, there are only the most rudimentary Selenium commands that are listed in the Sauce Labs UI: to start and close the session.