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Sauce Connect Proxy API Server

Sauce Connect Proxy, optionally, exposes an API server that allows to obtain information about the local Sauce Connect Proxy instance. The API interface is configured with the --api-address flag.

--api-address :8080 # listens on all the interfaces' port 8080
--api-address # listens on port 8080


When running Sauce Connect Proxy in a container, the API server is enabled by default and listens on the containers' localhost port 10000. Due to configuration options order of precedence, to change the API server address, you need to use the SAUCE_API_ADDRESS environment variable.

The following example shows how to start a Sauce Connect Proxy container with the API server accessible on port 8080 on the host machine.

docker run \
// your normal options
-e SAUCE_API_ADDRESS=':8080' \
-p 8080:8080


The table below summarizes available endpoints.

/readyzReturns 200 response code when Sauce Connect Proxy is ready, 503 otherwise.
/healthzReturns 200 response code when Sauce Connect Proxy is connected, 503 otherwise.
/infoReturns runtime information about the tunnel instance.
/metricsExposes Prometheus metrics.
/configzReturns the configuration values.
/pacReturns the PAC content being configured with the --pac flag.
/versionReturns the Sauce Connect Proxy instance version and build info.


The /info response contains a JSON document containing runtime information of the Sauce Connect instance:

"tunnel_id": "ab2cf344d4fc40d2bdc36b2fe6535c6b",
"tunnel_name": "ci-tunnel-1",
"tunnel_server": "",
"tunnel_host": ""


The /readyz response is used to determine when Sauce Connect Proxy is ready to accept jobs. It returns 200 response code when Sauce Connect Proxy is ready, and 503 otherwise.

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