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API Fortress Legacy Migration Guide

API Fortress Cloud End-of-life

API Fortress Cloud (legacy) was discontinued on October 15, 2022. Please note that this applies to the cloud solution only, NOT the on-premise solution.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Sauce Labs Support.

Learn how to move your data from API Fortress (our legacy on-prem platform) to Sauce Labs API Testing.

What You'll Need

Moving Tests from API Fortress to Sauce Labs

Exporting Tests from API Fortress

  1. Log in to API Fortress platform.
  2. Choose the Project containing the Tests you want to move to Sauce Labs.
  3. Go to your Tests list by clicking Tests.
    Authenticated API
  4. To export individual Tests, click the circle to the left of each Test.
    Test 1
    Or, to export all Tests as a batch, click Select All.
    Select all
  5. Click Export Selected. This will give you a zip folder containing all of your tests.
    Export selected

Importing Tests to Sauce Labs

  1. Follow the instructions under Importing API Tests to Sauce Labs.
Review Your Tests After Migrating

You may need to update your tests after importing them to Sauce Labs.

API Fortress tests are Groovy-based, while Sauce Labs API tests are JavaScript-based. Additionally, some API Fortress Test components (e.g., Update Input, JDBC, Signature, Fake) are not supported in Sauce Labs. For assistance, contact your CSM/SE or Sauce Labs Support.

Importing Vault and Environments

As API Fortress does not support exporting Vault and Environment variables, you'll need to re-enter these manually in Sauce Labs API Testing.