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Setting API Project-Level Permissions

When creating a new Project, you can assign one of two access level permissions: Team-specific (if you're part of one) or Organization-wide.

New user UI

API Testing access level settings are independent of Sauce Labs Team Management settings.

User Scenarios#

New User#

When a new user (no Team Assignments or Projects) logs in to API Testing, they will see the empty-state landing page, which guides you through creating a Project and Test(s).
New user UI

This user would have the option to set Organization-wide Project access and would only be able to see the Projects that they created.

Team Member#

A user who belongs to a Team can create and interact with their own Team's Projects and Organization-wide Projects.

This user would have the option to set Team-specific and Organization-wide Project access. They would not be able to view Projects that are restricted to outside Teams.

Organization Admin#

Organization Admins can create and interact with all data in all Projects — Organization-wide and Team-specific.

Viewing Access Levels#

You can view the access level on your Projects page.
New user UI