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API Testing

At its core, Sauce Labs API Testing allows you to use an HTTP client or a proprietary test composer to generate and edit intelligent contract or functional tests. The tests can be automated with any CI/CD tool or using the platform’s scheduler. Functional tests can then be used as load tests or scheduled as uptime monitors.

You're viewing documentation for the API Testing and Monitoring cloud solution. To view the documentation for the on-premise solution see API Fortress On-Prem (Legacy).

Contract Testing

Use the API Testing platform to generate contract tests from an OpenAPI specification file. When used with Piestry, our mocking tool, you can test both the consumer and the producer side.


Schedule existing functional tests against any environment for staging and production monitoring, and to validate the functional uptime of business critical APIs. See Scheduling API Tests for more information.

Load Testing

Create and execute load tests using existing functional tests. See Load Testing with API Testing for more information.

Testing Private APIs

Use Sauce Connect Proxy to test APIs behind a firewall. This launches a secure tunnel between the Sauce Labs API Testing platform and your APIs. See Sauce Connect Proxy for more information.