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Backtrace Integration for Slack

You can integrate Backtrace with the app for Slack to see the errors that matter, triage, and resolve them accordingly in one workflow.

Set Up the Incoming Webhook

An Incoming Webhook must be configured in Slack. To set up the Incoming Webhook, follow the on-screen instructions on the Incoming WebHooks page:

  1. In the Post to Channel section, select the channel you want to post messages to, then select Add Incoming WebHooks integration.
  2. After the Incoming Webhook integration is added, from the Setup Instructions, copy the Webhook URL. The Webhook URL is used to create the integration for Slack in Backtrace.

Create the Integration

  1. Go to the Project Settings page for the project you want to add a integration for.
  2. Click Integrations in the left-hand menu, then + to create a new integration.
  3. Select Slack and fill in the required settings (name, webhook URL you generated above, and one or more channels/users to send the message to).
  4. Customize the payload to include the content best suited for your team.
  5. Configure options for when the notifications should fire.
  6. Add any rules to route notifications to certain channels or users based on crash attribute values.
  7. Click Submit.